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One of the smartest dogs

Monday, October 21st, 2013

Donna and Hughie,

Madison will be turning 8 this year and I thought I would drop you a note and let you know how she is doing. FANTASTIC is about the only word I can use to describe my feelings for this little girl!

She is the 5th Black Lab I have owned and to date I consider her to be one of the smartest dogs I have ever trained. She is great in the field, after a bit of a warm up of course, good on retrieving and death on Pheasants and Grouse! Out of the Duck Punt and in the Marsh, she excels in all aspects! I was training her as a pup at 3 months with my previous Lab, and at 1 year old she was jumping out of the boat and swimming and retrieving ducks and geese!

I can only hope my next Black Lab, and there will be one, and it will be from you guys, will turn out as well as she has. She has made a wonderful hunting partner, a good friend to Pauline and I, and is a loving family dog!

Get ready in 2 years to breed me another number one dog!

Take good care,
Russell and Pauline Nugent

Everything a Lab should be

Monday, October 21st, 2013

My Tia-Pets, Gabriella and Maggy

Smart, playful, full of fun, dedicated. I can’t say enough about how happy we are with our Tia-Pets. Gabby the skillful retriever would have been an exceptional hunting companion. She loves to swim and teach her litter sister the ways of the world. It is in her nature to retrieve. Maggy, our puppy. A great companion: smart, sweet, beautiful.

Both dogs are spectacular examples of everything a Lab should be. We are extremely happy not only with our dogs, but also with the support we received from our breeder.

Thank you Donna. Thank you Tia!

Mike and Gina Harvey

You are top notch in our books!

Friday, September 21st, 2012

Hello to you in Kamloops.

Ranger is a happy 7 month old Lab.

He is a good buddy and one of our family. The BEST lab or dog I have ever had. He is doing land, water, land retrieves now and look and following hand signals too. He loves the starter pistol and gets yappy when I loose count and it just goes click. He turns and starts barking and jumping.

He is so easy in the boat and has no hesitation of jumping from 4 feet up.

Force fetch I did myself, and although it’s still work in progress he is doing great. This dog has drive and desire! Not only for the water and to retrieve, but desire to be the best he can be at home. He is always wanting to please.

Thanks again for the great dog. Mike Lewis loves him and is excited to get his. This guy is going to be a great field dog too! He just jumps and zig zags fast as lightning. Mike wants me to join them in Montana for pheasant but time will tell.

Donna, Hugh thank you from the bottom of our hearts for getting as a great pooch! Thanks for your time in finding a guy that was feather crazy at a young age.

You are top notch in our books and would recommend your dogs to anyone.

Thanks again,
Brad Jorgenson