Adoption Process

You have decided to purchase yourself a four legged companion – congratulations! Please read on to discover the steps to take for adopting your new puppy!

Step 1 – Contact us

Contact us either through our web site or by phone and let us know what interests you. Decide on whether you want a male or a female. If you require a hunting dog or a search and rescue dog, we will work with the whole litter to find out which ones would have the drive and stamina for such things.

Step 2 – Deposit

To guarantee a pup for you from a litter we require a $300.00 NON REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT. The only way you would be able to get your money back would be if we can not fill your order. If you would like to wait for the next litter we will hold your deposit until then. After one year your deposit is nil and void. All shipping payments and final payment for the pup must be made in advance before we let the pup go on the plane.

We also ask everyone to sign a non breeding agreement with the purchase of your puppy.

Step 3 – Watch for puppy photos!

Once the pups arrive we send you photos at least once a week. It is our policy to not allow visitors once the pups arrive – this ensures that we are able to deliver healthy pups.

Step 4: Picking your pup

Contact us with the puppy(s) you are interested in.

NOTE: How you get to pick your pup… first deposit in gets first pick, second deposit in gets second pick, third deposit in gets third pick and so on down the line.

Step 5 – Taking your puppy home

When you finally get to take your pup home, we provide a small bag of food to get you started. We like you to keep your pup on this special food as that is what their tummies are use to. At the age of 4 months we would suggest that you gradually change them over to adult dog food.

We also send you home with a puppy pack which will have all paper work for Mom and Dad, information about feeding your puppy and at what times, and also their health record. They will have had their dew claws removed at 3 days old and at that time they are checked over carefully by a vet. At 6 weeks we tattoo them and also give them their first shots.

Step 5 – Puppy care

It is up to you to find a GOOD vet as they will need another shot within 3 weeks of leaving here. If you do not have a vet I will be glad to help you in anyway I can.

Puppy Prices are going up as of January 2016