About Us

City slicker marries farmer

My husband Hugh was born and raised on a working dairy farm in Ladner. Then, as the story goes… city slicker Donna (me!) marries farmer.

Fairlawn Farm bred and showed Jersey cattle for years, going from the Calgary Stampede to the Edmonton Klondike Days, back to the PNE in Vancouver and then off to the Royal Winter Fair in Toronto.

We eventually sold our dairy cattle to raise beef cattle and sheep. Interestingly, the sheep merely started as pets for our oldest daughter. Next thing we knew, 2 sheep eventually became 60!

Lovin’ the lab!

Around 1999 I decided I wanted to do something of my own – something I could handle – like dog breeding!

My husband is an avid bird hunter (we’ve been volunteers for Ducks Unlimited for 27 years) and his dog of choice is lab. We’d always had lots of kids around the farm and knew labs to be healthy & very people friendly, so it was no accident that the lab became our dog of choice!

Fairlawn Labradors

I started in 2000 with my first breeding chocolate lab named Kona. We had lots of good advice along the way and things just took off from there! We enjoy producing happy healthy pups. Hughie was, and still is, a huge help.

In 2009 we decided to move to Kamloops, downsized all of our animals and decided to just stick with our passion… our dogs. The rest is history!

We’d like to hear from you if you have any questions or need any references. Please contact us we will gladly supply them for you!

Hugh and Donna Savage