One of the smartest dogs

Donna and Hughie,

Madison will be turning 8 this year and I thought I would drop you a note and let you know how she is doing. FANTASTIC is about the only word I can use to describe my feelings for this little girl!

She is the 5th Black Lab I have owned and to date I consider her to be one of the smartest dogs I have ever trained. She is great in the field, after a bit of a warm up of course, good on retrieving and death on Pheasants and Grouse! Out of the Duck Punt and in the Marsh, she excels in all aspects! I was training her as a pup at 3 months with my previous Lab, and at 1 year old she was jumping out of the boat and swimming and retrieving ducks and geese!

I can only hope my next Black Lab, and there will be one, and it will be from you guys, will turn out as well as she has. She has made a wonderful hunting partner, a good friend to Pauline and I, and is a loving family dog!

Get ready in 2 years to breed me another number one dog!

Take good care,
Russell and Pauline Nugent

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